THE CODE defines the agreement that the The New Eden inhabitants have agreed to live under within The Biodome. Review the contents of the agreement here.


Each community member of New Eden Township is an employee of New Eden Biospherics & Research and, therefore, also an employee of New Eden Enterprises, working on the Earth Based Mars Colony as a collective group.

Phase One of the project, beginning on August 15, 2035, will span twenty years, and the residents of New Eden Township will live in complete seclusion from the outside world. Upon the twenty-year mark on August 15, 2055, Phase Two of the project will commence. The community will remain and continue for another five years, allowing outside scientists and government officials to observe the workings of the formed society within New Eden Township. After twenty-five years on August 15, 2060, the project will reach completion, and the community will be disbanded.

The points of internal government and social conduct are non-negotiable. Each individual must adhere to the rules to ensure greater success in creating a new world. Every point has been thoroughly discussed, and the rules were determined by a committee of experts to ensure the safety, longevity, and reality of social groups within an enclosed and sealed environment. The rules must be taken seriously. A colony on Mars has no immediate escape and must therefore create a society in which residents work together and consider each other for the benefit and safety of all.

The Community and Personal Items

1) The community of New Eden Township will dress, live, eat, and work as a Medieval Anglo-Norman culture from the British Isles, dating 1,000-1,400 A.D. This era is selected to foster an agrarian culture that encourages honor, chivalry, and traditions.

2) Each individual must keep their legal name and not choose an appropriate period character name due to limited communication and no outside interference. All legal documentation (births, deaths, and marriages) are regulated by the State of California and the United States government.

3) Modern allowances: 

a) Books are permitted so long as they were written before 1750 A.D. and possess leather bindings (examples include reference books, Greek classics, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Celtic mythology, Nordic sagas, Le Morte D’Arthur, and The Holy Bible).

b) Scientific practices (with the exception of modern machinery) are allowed to ensure safety and sustainability of all living within the Biodome walls. Green Technology is permitted, such as harnessing natural gas from compost to power The Forge, provided that construction, capture, and consumption occur by and with natural means and with renewable resources within the Biodome. Otherwise, all items brought into and crafted within New Eden Township must date prior to the Industrial Revolution.

c) Each resident is permitted three mundane items so long as they are not machinery, modern technology (including office supplies), photographs, items made from plastic, or weaponry. Items must fit inside a 3-by-3 leather, linen, or hemp travel sack, which will be searched prior to entry. Examples of mundane items include metal- or wood-framed hand mirrors, sewing kits, buttons (one 4-by-6 bag equals one item), linen or hemp fabric, metal or wooden combs and brushes, and hand tools. Books do not count as one of the three mundane items. Please check with New Eden Enterprises and New Eden Biospherics & Lab if there is a question regarding the mundane items allowable inside New Eden Township, as well as the check-in guidelines sheet.

d) Replicated instruments from the Middle Ages are permitted. They do not count as one of the three allowable mundane items. Modern instruments are not allowed.

The Nobility

4) The titled Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire Element Noble family groups will publicly manage the community on behalf of The Aether, who is the hidden King or Queen. Each Noble family is responsible for the crafts, scientific experiments, and other trades that fall within their defined title. The Elements will be treated with the esteem of a Noble class; however, they will work alongside their community organically.

5) The Aether, an unseen political force and secret governor, will oversee the enclosed community as a hidden King or Queen, using a concealed device to connect to an on-premise lawyer and the CEO/Owner of New Eden Biospherics & Lab. This lead political decision is chosen by the CEO/Owner of New Eden Biospherics & Lab, and will be named in a private legal Legacy. The Aether may hold additional positions within the community and is not limited to class distinctions.

The Aether may not reveal his or her identity except when relinquishing it upon their heir’s twentieth birthday, or in a deathbed confession to their heir. To reveal their identity in any other scenario will result in banishment, revocation of the family’s rights to The Legacy, and possible loss of project compensation. If the heir is under the age of eighteen, a Regent will be secretly appointed until trust maturity. The CEO/Owner of New Eden Biospherics & Lab will ensure a Regent is appointed should communication silence commence longer than one week following death.

6) If a community member discovers the identity of The Aether, they are to keep the information to themselves or be banished from New Eden Township. They must guard the secret to ensure the safety of the secret King or Queen, preventing power plays and/or factions. If The Aether is revealed, the guilty party will be tried in a court of law for corporate sabotage

Social Rules and Conduct

7) Seven days following birth, a newborn’s name will be announced and their lives celebrated in a New Life Ceremony, held in their honor inside the ceremonial garden within The Rows.

8) By a person’s thirteenth birthday, they must declare their purpose within the community. Apprenticeships may begin as early as seven years of age, as deemed by the parents and the master craftsman or scientist who will oversee their apprenticeship.

9) Young people will have an Emergent Ceremony and Celebration at age fifteen, declaring to the community that they are officially adults. Upon reaching this age, they are held accountable to the community and to The Code separate from their parents and their family. Nobility will receive their family title of Son or Daughter of Earth, Fire, Wind, or Water as part of the Emergent Ceremony and Celebration.

10) To preserve moral integrity and order, a man and woman will reach the age of marriageability upon their sixteenth year; and, with a special law granted through the State of California for New Eden Township, marriages by persons who are sixteen and seventeen years of age do not require parent or state permission. The Code does not require marriage but strongly suggests the marriage of the young in order to preserve the family unit as a necessary institution for the safety, peace, order, and health of the enclosed community. A Marriage Ceremony will be performed by the barrister, who is granted special license through the State of California.

11) When a young man or woman from the Nobility turn sixteen, they receive the honorific title of Lord or Lady. The community, including the Nobility, will address all Nobles ages sixteen and older with the titled address of My Lord and My Lady for the remainder of their days. To not do so in order to cause dissension is an act of insubordination, and will be dealt with as decided by The Elements and The Aether. Possible consequences include banishment and loss of project compensation.

12) Death is sacred and will be treated with ceremony. Direct-to-ground burial is against the law in the State of California, violating health codes. And there is limited space and resources for coffins. Therefore, after preparing the body, a Cremation Ceremony will commence where the body is burned on a plank before the family on a funeral pyre. The Elements and community members are welcome to attend this ceremony.

One day following cremation, the head of the home will perform the Second Ceremony, placing the ashes back into the Earth in a ceremonial garden found within The Rows.

In the Third Ceremony, three days following cremation, family members will choose three plants to seed in the ceremonial garden, each plant/row representing body, soul, and spirit.

The Last Ceremony is on the seventh day following death. Family members over the age of thirteen will kneel in the ceremonial garden for eight hours to remember their loved ones, and then rise from the ashes, thus concluding their period of bereavement. Work is not permitted for the family in bereavement until the Last Ceremony is complete.

On the night of the Last Ceremony, the residents will enjoy a Celebration of Life Feast to honor the family that now carries the legacy of the life who was lost.

13) Those in mourning may choose to marry or re-marry at any point. Orphaned children under the age of fifteen, who do not have an adult guardian age sixteen or older inside the enclosure, will be removed and placed with their family Outside, or given to the State for foster care. Parents may create a will, naming guardians over their children, if they wish for them to remain inside the enclosure.

14) Extramarital affairs, theft or robbery, murder, assault, and/or any other aggravated offense, will result in immediate banishment and possible loss of project compensation. Depending on the severity, the guilty party may be tried in court for their crimes.

15) If a faction forms to cause a revolution and/or to overthrow the existing government within the enclosure, the project will end, and everyone will be required to leave New Eden Township. Faction Lords will be tried in court for corporate sabotage and all other crimes they may have committed.

Medical Emergencies, Pregnancies, and Surgeries

16) New Eden Township will have a licensed naturopath, apothecary, herbalist, and midwife. Any family may request and receive Outside specialized or emergency medical care. A medical team is near the Biodome. If a family leaves for medical reasons, they are granted special permission to return to New Eden Township. Alert the town barrister and The Elements of any Outside medical needs that arise.

17) Surgeries and high-risk procedures are not permitted within the Biodome. If a surgery is needed, the family and/or individual must leave New Eden Township and seek advanced medical attention. Families or individuals are permitted to return to the Biodome following recovery.

18) Planned births/deliveries are allowed inside New Eden Township, but at the risk to the mother and infant. All women must sign a Labor and Postpartum Waiver prior to entry. All females born inside the dome must sign the Labor and Postpartum Waiver on their fifteenth birthday.


By signing this document, I certify that I have read and understand The Code and agree to all terms and conditions as laid out in The Code as well as its addendums. I willingly enclose myself and any minors within my guardianship, present or future. I understand that I may leave at any time and for any reason. If I leave, I understand that I may not return to New Eden Township unless granted permission by The Aether and CEO/Owner of New Eden Biospherics & Lab before departure.


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