The Ealdspell Cycle

Once upon a time, kingdoms made of old stories dwelt within a sacred oak in a druid’s forest. Here, on a single leaf near the uppermost reaches of the canopy, a world invisible to the naked eye unfurled beneath summer’s starshine and winter’s moonlight. The gnarled branches cradled the enchanted leaf and guarded its long-held fables. The very ones whispered to the wind and born aloft as story seeds with each flutter of spring’s breath. The magic fell every autumn in blushed swirls of reds and golds as the leaf’s sisters and brothers died and were reborn in a ritualistic cycle.

Until one FATEFUL DAY, when a boy and girl happened upon the sacred oak, climbed the sprawling limbs, and plucked the leaf. Their carefree laughter roared through the leaf’s kingdoms and shook the hidden lands. Darkness spilled across the villages. Verdant gardens and forests, now dust, billowed into brittle clouds and choked the life-giving atmosphere. The supple ground began to crack and grew unyielding. Even beneath faerie magic.

THE CATACLYSM nearly destroyed the kingdoms upon the leaf. But the children grew tired of their rare treasure and released the hidden kingdoms to a gust of COLD WINDS. The villager’s world tumbled and spun to eventually rest upon the forest floor.

And it is here, dear readers, that a NEW DAWN rose for the kingdoms on the leaf, once belonging to a sacred oak tree, deep inside a druid’s forest

The Ealdspell Cycle is a secondary-world collection of mythpunk faerie tale retellings, blending faerie magic and pagan ritual with high technology. For fans of Margaret Rogerson, Holly Black, Marissa Meyer, immersive fairy tales, and young adult dystopian fantasy.