The Sleeping Maiden, famines, Black Death, and spindle trees . . . oh my!

Thanks, dear reader, for giving my Victorian industrial revolution, medieval dystopian faerie world, with a cyberpunk twist story a try! *giggles* What did you just read, you ask? Allow me to extrapolate. Mythpunk. Okay, so I’ll allow another to fully extrapolate (read the link). But the quickie answer is: a derivative of cyberpunk that deconstructs a[…]

Historical Origins of the Grail Quest Knights and Morgan la Fay

Greetings, readers! This is your Knights of Caerleon lore keeper, Jesikah Sundin. This final book was an interesting tale to undertake as it was more about our twist on Celtic mythology and less about historical notations. But, as we’ve discussed in the previous Historical Notes, Arthurian Lore is a blend of Roman/Celtic history and Celtic mythology that is[…]

Who Is The Real Gwenevere In Arthurian Lore?

Hey there. This is your Knights of Caerleon lore keeper, Jesikah Sundin. And . . . whew! This was a doozy of a book to write, and for so many twisty-turny reasons. But for the sake of historical notes, I’m mainly going to focus on two topics: the Grail Quest and who Gwenevere was in Arthurian Legend[…]

Who Was Arthur Pendragon?

Once upon a time, a starry-eyed college student majoring in geophysics, with high aspirations of becoming a technical writer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), decided to take classes that fed her equal love of the humanities. And so, she enrolled in an Arthurian Legend class and instantly fell in love with Arthurian[…]