The Night Market

A mortal seer enslaved by a traveling faerie market.
A Raven shifter forced into marriage to save his Caravan tribe.
And a future not even the cards could predict . . .

Some children dream of running away to join the Night Market. I did so to escape a nightmare.

Still, being forced into an overheated tent to read fortunes until sunrise has its trials—naturally. But when he visits me, I suffer for entirely different reasons.

Stars above, Rhylen Lonan is the most beautiful faerie I’ve ever known. A Raven shifter with long black hair, dark purple eyes, and magic that stirs my own. Each Night Market, in exchange for a generous slice of cake and a delicious morsel of gossip, I read him three cards. And before the gates open, he breaks my heart with the same question.

“Does my mate love me back?”

Every time, I’m taunted with visions of Rhylen in love . . . with her. His mate. Until tonight’s reading, that is, when Fate takes a sudden dark turn. I see a devastating fire. He will be forced to marry to save his tribe or face banishment. She will be hunted by other fae in a wedding game.

I do not see her face. I never have. Nor do I know her name.

But as Rhylen’s destiny continues to grip my Sight, I start to suspect it’s me. That I have always been his forbidden future. And I don’t know what terrifies me most—that I might be his downfall or that he might be mine.

THE NIGHT MARKET is a new adult standalone fae romantic fantasy set in the Bound by Ravens world and perfect for fans of:

  • forbidden romance
  • mutual pining
  • cozy-ish vibes with high stakes
  • fated mates
  • witty banter
  • courting rituals
  • feral for her
  • Irish meets Romani vibes
  • a dash of slice-of-life
  • grumpy fox familiars
  • pocket hedgehogs
  • magical comfort cake


  • brief off page references to child abuse with mild descriptions
  • brief references to child bride contracts
  • brief off page references to domestic violence with mild descriptions
  • on page homophobic/transphobic comments by a parent (referring to son as a Molly).
  • themes of mortal indentured servitude and slavery with the fae (please note that in the eyes of the fae, there is not much of a legal difference between the two terms and are, thus, used interchangeably)
  • The Wild Hunt which includes mildly described primal hunting scenes
  • themes of colonialism, with brief off page references of mortals slaughtering and assimilating the Wild Fae
  • mild on page fantasy violence and gore
  • fae are referred to as male/female
  • Raven Folk refer to mortals as “pet” and one feisty mortal pushes back by calling Raven Folk “pet”
  • swearing, but mostly in Irish slang (feck, shite, arse)
  • two on page sex scenes with medium descriptions (romantically driven)
  • delicious, magical comfort cake
  • animal familiars who are full of personality
  • Irish dialects in dialogue
  • buttons, rocks, ribbons, and other things Ravens like to collect

Enjoy this duet sample by Kirsty Geddes and Stewart Crank
AUDIO CLIP: Chapter 1: Filena’s POV

Editorial Reviews

Jesikah Sundin has a talent for making me fall in love with her characters from the very first page, and The Night Market is no different. A tale of forbidden love, whimsy, and fate, this was a story that kept me flipping pages, salivating over handsome raven boys, and loving every minute of it. An instant favorite!
— Tessonja Odette, Author of the Entangle with the Fae series

Jesikah Sundin’s THE NIGHT MARKET is everything I could ask for in a fantasy romance: lush world-building, top-tier banter, sassy cake-eating animal sidekicks, and main characters you want to protect at all costs. And when I say Rhylen made me swoon…this gorgeous, protective, raven boy has been living rent-free in my head ever since I finished reading. I might need a reread soon, honestly, just because I miss him.
Hanna Sandvig, Author of the Faerie Tale Romances series

Witty dialogue, swoony romance, and heartstopping feels had me up all night binging this story! Add to that a healthy dose of adorable animal sidekicks and this became an epic standalone fantasy romance I could read over and over again.
Robin D. Mahle, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Twisted Pages series

The standalone romantasy I have been waiting for! The Night Market is deliciously witty and filled with all the tension and feels I needed! I can’t wait for more in this world!
Elle Madison, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Lochlann Feuds series

An adorable cozy fantasy romance. Vibes, feels, authentic lore. Jesikah has crafted a unique gem with The Night Market.
May Sage, Author of The Wicked Court

Character Art

Hardcase illustration (Rhylen Lonan and Filena Merrick) by Ghostinthegvarden
Rhylen Lonan and Filena Merrick illustrated by Alexandra Curte
Rhylen Lonan and Filena Merrick illustrated by Mageonduty
Rhylen Lonan illustrated by Chicklen.doodle
Filena Merrick illustrated by Chicklen.doodle
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