The Complete Collection

The Biodome Chronicles books 1-4

She is locked inside an experimental world.
He has never met the girl who haunts his dreams.
A chilling secret forever binds their lives together.

Willow Oak Watson believes her sealed away village is safe. The only threat she fears inside the experimental world she calls home is project shutdown.

And Willow can’t help but resent it.

She has never met a stranger. Never known the open wide sky. Never seen modern technology. New Eden Township is firmly rooted in sustainable back to nature beliefs built on rules and traditions. Edicts no one has dared challenge—until her father’s shocking death places an invisible crown of power on her brother’s head. A coveted legacy that may be the very reason her father now lies dead.

Unsure of who they can trust, her brother risks their family’s banishment in a hunt for answers. A bold decision that leads them to a hidden communications room and to Fillion Nichols, a young man with a haunting connection to her family. And any sense of safety Willow feels shatters. Everything about Fillion bends her reality and screams danger. Yet he may be the only person who can decode the chilling secrets destroying her home.

A necessity if her family is to survive.

Worlds collide in an unforgettable quest for truth, unfolding a story rich in mystery, betrayal, and love.

A salivating blend of MEDIEVAL FANTASY meets THE NEAR FUTURE in this gritty young adult eco-dystopian tale, brimming with psychological thrills, strong found family themes, and an angsty, slow burn romance that forever alters the reality of two worlds.