Of Thorns and Curses

She was cursed at birth to marry him.
He is cursed to never know her love.

Rhoslyn Gautier refuses to accept her fate. All her life she believed she was nothing more than a poor merchant’s daughter from Factory Row. Not an elven princess in an arranged marriage. But when thrown to the wolves as punishment after challenging her queen, she becomes trapped with Fentienne Beausoleil, an aristocrat in an enchanted chateau who is half-monster by daylight and full monster by moonlight. An ugly, tormented man from an enemy realm she was bound to in faerie blood from her first breath. And there is no escape.

If she breaks their bonds, she will die.

If she falls in love with him, she will die.

Rhoslyn believes the chateau will be her tomb. Then a mysterious man appears in her dreams with claims that he, too, is a prisoner. A wickedly beautiful man with a sharp mind and even sharper heart who captures hers completely. Magic seals away his identity. Yet Rhoslyn suspects that appearances are not all what they seem. But to know for certain, she would need to revolutionize more than a realm on the brink of civil war.

And trigger a curse that will claim her life.

OF THORNS AND CURSES ✨ is a new adult elven fantasy spin on the romantic tale of Beauty and the Beast, blending faerie magic and pagan ritual with a French Revolution inspired setting. Guaranteed to please readers who love angsty, enemies-to-lovers villain redemption fated romances, twisted fairy tales, and strong found family themes.

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