Bound by Ravens

Two rival thieves
One fated heist gone wrong
And a curse that threatens to steal more than their freedom

It was a simple job.

All I had to do was steal a ring from a mainland witch for the Thieves’ Guild that owned me. Easy enough, right? The reward would bring me closer to earning my freedom. And stars above, I wanted off this floating luxury island.

But then he showed up, a cocky thief from a rival guild, and ruined all my plans.

Every. Single. One.

I lost the ring and my chance at freedom. But on the bright side, if we fail to retrieve three magical artifacts for the witch, I’ll be forever cursed to exist no more than fifteen feet from that unnaturally beautiful, arrogant elf. As an additional treat, we’ll be hunted down by our own guilds when this curse prevents us from returning. I honestly didn’t believe things could get worse. Until he offered a solution to our not-so-little problem—a bargain to save our lives.

I would laugh, except I didn’t realize there was anything left in my life to steal.

BOUND BY RAVENS is a humorous short novel and perfect for fans of:

  • new adult romantasy
  • rival thieves to lovers
  • medium-burn romance
  • witty banter
  • Irish mythology and faerie tales
  • Victorian-esque settings
  • heist adventure
  • forced proximity
  • who did this to you
  • he falls first
  • fated mates
  • romcom fantasy vibes
  • otters


  • This is a 55,000 short novel originally a part of a novella collection (books under 40k words) that had a word cap limit requirement. If you prefer longer, deeper worldbuilding, please keep this in mind.
  • brief off page references to child abandonment with mild descriptions
  • themes of mortal indentured slavery with the fae
  • mild fantasy violence
  • fae are referred to as male/female (since they are not huMAN)
  • swearing, but mostly in Irish slang
  • one on page sex scenes with mild description (Booktok readers often say there is no spice in this book or call it fade-to-black, even though there is actual on page sex in chapter 23. But for those who prefer no spice to actual fade-to-black scenes, please know that there is on page sex. It is emotionally/romantically driven and easily skippable.)
  • An adorable otter monster
  • smeggsy Irish dialects in dialogue
  • medium burn romance (this is a short novel with a fated mates trope)

Enjoy this duet sample by Kirsty Geddes and Stewart Crank
AUDIO CLIP ONE (audition): Scene 1: Finn’s POV / Scene 2: Taryn’s POV
AUDIO CLIP TWO: Retail Sample (first 5 minutes of chapter one)

Limited edition hardbacks available on my Etsy and include foiling,
duplex printed dust jackets, designed endpapers, full color interior,
and sprayed edges.

Hardcase illustration (Finn Brannon and Taryn Hunt) by Ghostinthegvarden

Character Art for Finn Brannon and Taryn Hunt

Finn Brannon and Taryn Hunt illustrated by Alexandra Curte
Finn Brannon and Taryn Hunt illustrated by Mageonduty
Finn Brannon illustrated by Chicklen.doodle
Taryn Hunt illustrated by Chicklen.doodle
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