TRANSITIONS: Novella Collection (Book 2.5)




"Secrets are foolish creatures, I have learned. No longer do I wish to play with fools..." 

Five weeks after the Great Fire, the village square in New Eden Township bustles with rebuilding activities. Hope begins to flicker as a new future rises from the ashes of deception. Yet for three newly appointed Elements––Ember Watson, Skylar Kane, and Rain Daniels––the many transitions to Project Phase Two expose dark secrets that demand sacrifices. Sacrifices, they discover, that may still destroy the very community they vowed to protect and serve.

Beyond the dome walls, Mackenzie Ferguson and Lynden Nichols refuse to feel powerless as Fillion Nichols stands trial. But, under constant surveillance, control and privacy seem as elusive as hope. Then Mack schemes an outrageous idea to help his friend reclaim ground by using the law to create an opportunity. The very same law, Lynden learns, that places her and Coal Hansen at risk of being forever separated.

A prequel to GAMEMASTER, book three in The Biodome Chronicles, this collection of novellas allows the reader to embark on a journey with Ember, Skylar, Rain, Mack, and Lynden as they untangle truth from lies and rebuild hope after betrayal.

Cover artwork by the incredible  Amalia Chitulescu

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“Ember smiled to herself as intuition glimmered throughout her thoughts. It was a buzzing sensation that had guided her since early childhood, one that often led to hunches. Many claimed it was a magic born from being a twin. Perhaps the only magic she truly contained.”



“Not a single rumor whispered on the wind here. He was too high up for such lowly experiences, too removed from the mundane and the pain. For these few blessed moments the rushing sensations blew away his controversial existence. And he smiled.”



“Perhaps photographs were another way for Outsiders to negotiate their mortality rather than truly live. No one, she decided, should have to bury their loved ones over and over again.”



“Twenty-three minutes and fifty-one seconds later, they walked into the Nichols residence. It was the first time Mack had used a timer in his Cranium. He wanted to know how long forever was inside of hell.”



“A pocket of loneliness transformed into a rainbow of butterflies and fluttered away despite their punctured wings. A layer of oppression melted off of her with their escape and a tiny spark of hope flickered in her darkness. ”



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