Research, Facts, and Space Goats…OH MY!

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Research, Facts, and Space Goats…OH MY!

Reality based science fiction is a stormy sea of facts and information channeled out into story form for the reader to navigate via smoother waters. I’m always researching and studying and contemplating and researching. Let’s see …*looks at browser history*… here is a sampling of a few things I’ve looked up in the past two weeks:

* Can cob be reconstituted and reused?

* What is the best kind of goat for milking? For isolated systems? Basically, what’s the best breed of space goat?

* When will vaccines become DNA based rather than one-size fits all? What prototype equipment is being tested?

* NASA’s Mars missions planned for the 2030’s.

* When will the first holographic TV’s be rolled out for consumer purchases?

* What is the LARPing term for when your mundane life becomes part of your character and your character becomes part of your mundane life?

* How much sense of self did the volunteers lose while role playing in the Stanford Prison Experiment?



Admit it. A goat in a spacesuit would be awesome! And yes, there are memes for that, too.

But I digress…


As I plot out TRANSITIONS  (a novella collection featuring point-of-view stories from Ember, Leaf, Mack, Fillion, and Lynden) and draft GAMEMASTER (the final book in the series), what I really want to research is this:

* What do YOU want to know/see in The Biodome Chronicles?

* What are YOUR New Eden Township and/or Seattle 2054 world building questions?

* If I were to add a sixth novella in TRANSITIONS, would you want a point-of-view story from Skylar or Rain?


Comment and I’ll do my best to wrap in your question/idea into my story. Seriously. I thrive on these kind of challenges. Either way, I’ll mention you in the bonus material at the end of the book! Wooohooo!

If you don’t have a question, then comment via my social media post with a picture of a goat. Especially space goats. But all goats are welcome. Oh somebody please post a picture of an adorable baby goat! And…ahem…keep it clean folks. I’ll delete your comment if it’s not family friendly.


All right. I’m on standby so ask away!

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I want to know how the people outside the dome deal with death. The people inside have intricate rituals and see the person as living on forever as part of the land and circles of life etc. But what do they do in the future? Do computer AIs exist to replace loved ones after they are gone? Maybe not full intelligences but live a living photo album?

Hannah Miller
oooh goodie! Here are my thoughts/questions. 1. In The Biodome Chronicles I am interesting in learning more about the outside world and their use of technology. How will that become their demise even moreso than it already has? Will they look to The Biodome community for help to sustain life, or will the community look to the outside world, or both? I’m excited to see how that will all evolve. I suppose that is also a world-building question as well. In 2054 I’m interested in learning more about possible medical advances, weather changes, etc. and how that will impact society… Read more »