LEGACY (Book One)



She is from the past, locked inside a world within a world.
He is from the future, haunted by her death. 

A sensible young nobleman and his fiery sister live in an experimental medieval village. Sealed inside this biodome since infancy, Leaf and Willow have been groomed by The Code to build a sustainable world, one devoid of Outsider interference. One that believes death will give way to life.

All is ideal until their father bequeaths a family secret with his dying breath, placing an invisible crown of power on Leaf's head. Now everyone in their quiet town is suspect. Risking banishment, the siblings search for clues, leading them to Fillion Nichols, an Outsider with a shocking connection to their family. Their encounter launches Fillion into battle with his turbulent past as he rushes to decode the many secrets that bind their future together--a necessity if they are all to survive.

Cultures clash in an unforgettable quest for truth, unfolding a story rich in mystery, betrayal, and love.

Are you ready to discover what is real?

* Cover artwork by the incredible  Amalia Chitulescu

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“Multi-colored lights flashed and glared on the wet road and cast eerie reflections, reminiscent of artistic surrealism. Fillion imagined that his distress and anger swirled and moved with the refracted lights, creating an urban masterpiece of demented fury.”



“As the leaves randomly fell, she contemplated how they sacrificially gave up their essence to sustain new life. Or was it the tree’s sacrifice? Each leaf was a part of Gaia’s play. Their final act: to decompose so a new level of soil could be made, an earthen writing tablet for the next layer of history to be recorded. One generation became the groundwork for the next. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Nothing was exempt, not even the leaves.”



“Secrets upon secrets were weaving into a strange and mysterious fabric that would ultimately clothe his future.”



Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media

2014 CYGNUS AWARD for best in SciFi/Fantasy

1st in Category - Great Beginnings 

1st in Category - Cyberpunk

Indie Excellence Book Award

2014 FINALIST - Science Fiction

Dante Rosetti Award Logo

 Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media

2014 DANTIE ROSETTI AWARD for best in Young Adult Fiction

1st in Category - Cyberpunk

Book of the Year GRAND PRIZE Award


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“I have never read a book like Legacy before, and that is a shame!...The book blew me away with the two completely different worlds contained within it...Both worlds are richly imagined, the characters are well developed,  Ms. Sundin’s descriptions are wonderful, and her writing borders on the poetic. My only complaint about the book is that I will have to wait for book two to see what happens next!

   -    Joannah Miley, Award-winning Author of  The Immortal Game

Selah Tay-Song Profile Book Picture

“Jesikah Sundin is pioneering a whole new genre: near-future medieval fantasy with a cyberpunk twist…Not only was the world-building detailed and believable, but Sundin also makes some interesting commentary/ predictions about where the current state of affairs will take American culture in the next fifty-odd years, something that a lot of near-future writing attempts to do but does not always succeed at. Sundin’s portrayal of the evolution of technology and society are neither far-fetched nor boringly familiar, but just right. My only complaint is that now I have to wait for book two!”

   -    Selah J. Tay-Song, Award-winning Author of Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern

Candi Sary profile book

“Every time I picked up the book, I felt like I was there with the characters, and when I wasn’t reading, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Legacy really is that gripping! I was impressed with Sundin’s details and the originality of her story. Deception, betrayal, mystery, love, the loss of innocence—this novel has it all. I am looking forward to reading book two!”

   -    Candi Sary, Award-winning Author of Black Crow White Lie

Amanda June Hagarty profile book

"I would describe the book as a kind of cyberpunk meets medieval re-constructionist society. Two things you would never have thought to combine! It has a utopia/dystopia juxtaposition that you just have to experience for yourself...Reading this book offers front row seats to watching these two radically different worlds collide in slow motion. I can't wait to see how the series ends."

-   Amanda June Hagarty, Author of Little Lacey

Artic Fricbergs profile book

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Legacy is a character driven visual feast. Jesikah's detailed writing style emulates descriptive ornamental idioms befitting medieval nobility and the days of King Arthur, juxtaposed with cyberpunk, "Blade Runneresque", dystopian and science fiction themes. The brave blend of these motifs had the potential of having an oil and water clunkiness to them, but Jesikah pulled it off brilliantly. Legacy becomes an intense examination of relationships, family, love, loss, conflict, and futuristic societal culture. I was completely immersed and convinced of the rich visual world and the characters living and breathing before me. Well done, what a debut."

-   Artis Fricbergs, Author of The Muskokans


  1. I am wanting to say that I am really interested in particular in the kind of books that you write. They are the kind of books I usually like to read in terms of genre amongst others as well that are also good. I am also wanting to say that I thought I would come and have a look at your website to read some of the things that is printed on it. I would also consider coming back to this website again and reading some more features on it as it sounds really awesome. I am also going to say that I really enjoy the newsletters that you send out to readers who are interested in finding out about your work and I am really pleased to be a subscriber to the newsletter list and I am really finding it a pleasure following your writing journey.

    • Hi James — your comment has totally made my day! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. So sweet! I’m glad to have you along for the journey 🙂

  2. The book was great


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