What the heck is Ecopunk Fiction?

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What the heck is Ecopunk Fiction?

What genre of science fiction do you write?

Yeah, I get that a lot. Funny. When I began writing The Biodome Chronicles a few years ago, I never thought about how I would eventually have to label and categorize my genre. To me, I was writing science fiction, like somehow that explained it all. Oh, how innocent I was back in those days!

As a reader, you may have a similar question: “What the heck is the genre of this book….?”  (which is probably why you are reading this blog, right?)

You are not alone, Dear Reader. Reviews from others confirm your question.


“I’m not quite sure how to categorize this book — it’s not really fantasy nor is it really dystopia, but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes wordier prose and fantasy-like settings, or anything cyberpunk. “


Jesikah Sundin is pioneering a whole new genre: near-future medieval fantasy with a cyberpunk twist.”


“I would describe the book as a kind of cyberpunk meets medieval re-constructionist society. Two things you would never have thought to combine! It has a utopia/dystopia juxtaposition that you just have to experience for yourself.”


Right before I published LEGACY (The Biodome Chronicles #1), my naïve, debut author mind was opened to a whole new genre of science fiction.

Ecopunk Fiction.

Yep. And it’s what it sounds like – a blend of ecological concepts and cyberpunk. I had no idea I was writing to a new and upcoming trend, and the…ahem…organic discovery was thrilling. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

“Ecopunk is a mix between sustainable concepts and sci-fi, with a focus on green urban, rural, outback, wilderness, and scrapyard living. While most sci-fi is about interstellar travel and the relationship between man and machine, Ecopunk is about healthy community surface life and the relationship between nature and machine. Ecopunk takes place in the same post-industrial dystopian future scenario as the Cyberpunk genre, but is an exploration of the lesser seen and more environmentally dependent and concerned side of it.” — frankichiro, “Ecopunk Fiction”, listopia


This new sub-genre is gaining recognition in science fiction labels/categories, along with Nanopunk and Biopunk Fiction.  And, like most “punk” SciFi, it’s dystopian.

In LEGACY, Ecopunk fiction is fully exemplified in New Eden Township, the prototype Mars biodome city. The community is able to enjoy a green, wilderness-like, natural life due to biomimicry, nanotechnology, and the latest in space engineering. To fully contrast the idea of technology vs back-to-nature, I chose for the residents of New Eden Township to romance the notion of “going back to our roots” as a community and “living like the ancients” by embracing a medieval agrarian lifestyle. Whereas the rest of the world is entrenched in cyber-cultures and high tech lifestyles. The result is Ecopunk fiction with a medieval twist.

Guess what?  LEGACY is currently featured as book #4 in the Ecopunk Fiction list on listopia.  Squeeeeee…..! Do check out the list and find other Ecopunk Fiction reads to enjoy. I’m a fan of “The Windup Girl” which is currently rated as #1 on this list.

Have you read any books on this list yet? If so, which Ecopunk Fiction read do you recommend?


Banner picture: “The Eden Project Cornwall 049” by antidigital_da 

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