Despair is that moment when you’re done writing your book…

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Despair is that moment when you’re done writing your book…

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Despair is that moment when you’re done writing your book…

Well, sort of. Maybe. OK. Yeah, it’s pretty bittersweet.

While sprinting toward the finish, all I felt was, “I want to be done with this already!” It was agony. How much longer must I spend with you imaginary people who have taken over my life? When will this book ever finish…?! Then it happened. Click. Save.  *backs away slowly from the computer*  I felt excitement. Shock. Pride. Fear. And finally: confusion. Nooooooooo! I’m not ready to separate from you dear characters!  (Note: many writers are this brand of crazy. Apparently I’m one of them.)

For over a year, my daily life has usually involved writing and self-editing ELEMENTS. But as of midnight, March 12, 2015, the final draft manuscript for book two in The Biodome Chronicles was officially placed ino the hands of the most wonderful editor in all the world. Seriously. She’s pretty awesome. I know she’ll take good care of my ream of words.

Still… What am I suppose to do with myself now?

I know, I know…I could start book three. And I will eventually. But, I’m in a fog. A wonderland. What was up is now down and what is down feels sideways. My mind will sort itself out, though. It feels a bit like end-of-book-series mourning. You know what I mean? That heaviness one carries after finishing a book that swept them away and they were not ready for the ride to be over? Except, I’ve been intimately immersed in these character’s lives for over a year — three and a half years if you count book one.

So what is an author to do?

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Um, not very exciting.  Wear shoes again? Oh, I guess I’ll leave my coffin, er, office and brave the world once more, feel sunshine on my face, go through coffee detox. Wait. No. A girl still has her standards. Coffee intake at such high levels is a matter of pride as well as a necessity.

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So, what is an author to do?

READ! Watch TV. Catch up on all the latest flicks on Netflix. Hang out with friends. Drink more coffee. Sounds good, right? I think I shall. Yes. Maybe despair was too strong of a word. I guess I just needed to process. Thanks for listening!


What book, show, or movie do you recommend? Comment below and let me know! 

BTW, you can connect with me on GOODREADS so we can socialize and stuff. You know, if that’s cool with you and all. I do like to fangirl over books *grins*



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Jessica Jett

YAY! So glad to know that The-Book-That-Won’t-End A.K.A ELEMENTS finally decided it was ready to be finished 😀 I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to read it!

And you know I already tell you what you should read/watch/listen to 😛

Wonderful blog entry! <3