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It's surreal when the characters of your imagination take shape on a page.

What they look like, their quirks, sound of their voice, how they smell... 



I'm beyond giddy that Willow Oak, Fillion, Leaf (Son of Earth), and Lynden (Rainbow) have leaped off the page and transformed into story candles courtesy of A Court of Candles. They are a MUST. Believe me. They smell divine!
Candles are available in 9 oz & 2 oz jars, 4 oz & 6 oz tins, and melting tarts. 
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Lavender • Oak • Sage • Willow

"New tears salted the ground as Oaklee watched the morning sun peek through the trees, trying in vain to cheer her grief-stricken soul. Lying on her back, one hand on her stomach and one above her head, she watched with blurred vision and a fragile mind as the golden leaves fell from the willow oak growing from the center of the temperate forest. It was the tree responsible for her name. A name signifying that she was the Daughter of Earth."

Tobacco • Cedar • Rain • Whiskey

"Head down and hood up, Fillion dragged on a cigarette and focused only on his boots as they clomped across the damp concrete. Neon signs and holographic advertisements flashed in his peripheral vision. Fingers of light clawed across the wet roads, clutching at the asphalt as the shimmering colors bled into the shadows. Nothing gave his mind peace like walking the city streets. Alone. In the dark. "

Sage • Oak • Earth

"Leaf Watson knelt in the soil and placed his hand into the dirt, allowing the particles to sift through his fingers. Son of Earth, indeed. His fingers always wore the residue of soil and living things, though perhaps not for long. Secrets upon secrets were weaving into a strange and mysterious fabric that would ultimately clothe his future."

Cherry Blossoms • Rainbow • Linden Trees

"A pocket of loneliness transformed into a rainbow of butterflies and fluttered away despite their punctured wings. A layer of oppression melted off of Lynden with their escape and a tiny spark of hope flickered in her darkness."

Cinnamon • Clove • Smoke

"You have fire in your veins, Coal," Hanley said. "A dragon among men."

Highlands • Steel • Whiskey

“Utility kilt,” Mack corrected as he flashed his legs and wagged his eyebrows. “It’s my business skirt. Wins them over every time.”


Coloring page fans, I'm delighted to offer you these AMAZING illustrations by the talented Arnild Aldepolla of Books and Fanarts. Do me a favor, follow Arnild on Instagram. He's a fantastic bookstagrammer and book blogger. You won't be disappointed! Pinkie swear.

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Best if printed on card stock, but ANY kind of paper works great! Simply click on the image, download, print, cut-out, and enjoy!!

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